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Using Flash at the Beach

I knew that using any camera equipment at the beach would be fraught with danger, but trying to set up a flash or two, the triggers and the lightstands, all the time having a small and very excited child playing in the sand, was all more difficult than I planned.

Thankfully, there was very little wind, otherwise, the sand would have got into even more things than it did and I would probably have given up on using any lightstands. Consequently, I got some well lit shots, but the composition suffered. Constantly moving the lights with a constantly moving little girl whilst keeping trying to keep the sand out of everything expensive was more than I could handle.

I did learn a lot about the differences using the flash whilst shooting into the sun and away from the sun. A grater difference than I had expected. All in all, a good attempt that I’d like to try again if the conditions are ever good enough.

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