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Two Flash Set Up With Window Reflection

This shot was taken without too much forethought and whilst under the influence of enough alcohol to make me confident enough to keep asking Michael to come back for one more shot.

One more shot, I’ve got the lights right now

Michael was extremely patient and he was more than capable of giving advice that made this shot much better than it would have been otherwise.

There are two flashes, but only one lighting Michael. It’s high up on camera left and firing through a shoot through umbrella about 4 feet away from him. I’m stood on a chair with the camera held just below the height of the flash. The second flash can be seen in the shot as the white hot light below Michael’s right eye. I know. It’s such a distraction but it was proving too difficult to remove seamlessly in Photoshop so it was better (slightly) that it stayed. The flash has a full CTO gel over it to make the red brick wall a deeper orange. It is sitting on the floor about 1 foot from the wall, pointing up and at it.

Finally, there is the reflection of the lit brick wall in the window. A (very) happy accident at first, and then tweaked (more calling Michael back) to make the most of it.

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