© 2011 Stephen Graham Artist sketching the dinosaur skeleton in his moleshim notebook - Natural History Musem - Oxford

The Natural History Museum, Oxford

Oxford certainly has its fair share of museums, most of which are free to visit and all of which (in my experience) are photographer friendly. I love taking photographs in museums. The curators have already agonised for hours about the layout of the objects and then they have lit them beautifully. I always have the lens of my camera pushed up against the display glass to shoot the detail in the artifacts they display.

I also love shooting the people as they wander from room to room or as they stop to consider a piece on display. Today, in the spectacular Natural History Museum in Oxford, I spotted this artis making an ink sketch of the Dinosaur skeleton in the centre of the museum. All around was noise and movement as the Museum has its family activities on Sunday’s and the place was packed with kids, but he had found himself a chair and quietly made his sketch.

This shot was taken with a 70-200mm f2.8 Sigma Zoom lens at 200mm and f2.8. I borrowed the lens from a friend for the weekend to see what it was like.

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