© 2010 Stephen Graham Lyon Airport Railway Station - Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

Lyon Airport Rail Station – Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

This is the platform of the Lyon St. Exupéry Airport Railway Station. We were flying out of Lyon from the St. Exupéry Airport and you cannot help but notice the amazing winged building that seems to be part of the airport but doesn’t seem to have any planes. If you have the time to wander through the airport in the general direction of this structure you can quickly find a walkway that leads to the Lyon St. Exupéry Airport Railway Station.

25km east of Lyon, Saint-Exupéry Airport (formerly known as Lyon Satolas Airport) is named after the Lyon-born writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Saint-Exupéry station was designed by Santiago Calatrava, cost 750 million Francs and opened on 3 July 1994, at the same as the high speed line to Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence. When we got there, the place was completely deserted.

Lyon Airport Rail Station St Exupery, Lyon, Savoie, France.This building is a photographers dream. From the outside and from the inside at any angle, there is not a bad shot to be had, and, because the TGV trains that it serves run so infrequently, the place is deserted except for the odd airport passenger walking to or from a distant car park. You could spend hours, even days here. With flash equipment, this site would have endless possibilities and, for most of the day, hardly anyone to disturb you or to get into your shot. It must change constantly as the light of the day changes and must look spectacular from outside when it is lit up at night.

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