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Snowdrops at Waterperry Gardens, Oxford.

We visited Waterperry Gardens, just east of Oxford, and we stayed longer than I thought we were going to. This meant that we were still around as the sun was just beginning to get low in the sky. Not sunset by any means, but the sunlight was coming from low camera right as we found this natural avenue carpeted with snowdrops. The sun was lighting the woody branches and there were more snowdrops bunched together here than anywhere else we had seen in the gardens.

I ball-bungee’d my flash to one of the branches, camera right, about 4 or 5 feet away from the subject and set it at about 1/8th power. The rest wasn’t very difficult as the different pools of light in different spots along the avenue were created naturally. I think every photographer tells the same story about many of their pictures, but this was another one for me that I would have missed, and very nearly did miss, as I questioned whether I should pull the camera and the flash and the triggers out of the bag again.

Waterperry Gardens hedge and bench lit woth one flashSome other shots were taken that day including this flash shot where I was able to stick the flash in the hedge, camera left. The flash was at half power in order to get this light and the blue sky in very bright sunshine.

The flash head was visible in this shot and I’ve removed it in lightroom by reducing the exposure in that area of shot.

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