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Lost Season 6 Party – Dharma Initiative Food Labels

The final series of Lost starts this Friday on Sky 1 and I have to admit it, I have stuck with Lost all the way through. Every time it got more confusing and every time they manages to spin out the story longer to fit one more season in, I kept coming back for the double bill as the new season started, racking my brain to remember what on earth happened in the last series.

Season 5 of Lost even had us inviting around the neighbours for a Lost Season Premiere Party which involved replacing all of the food in our fridge with food we’ve seen supplied by the Dharma Initiative on the TV show. Once the fridge was full, I couldn’t resist a photo (it had taken us hours to create the labels in photoshop, cut them out and stick them on the food).

The shot above is lit only with the refrigerator’s internal light and the regular lights in our kitchen. It was taken handheld at 1/25 second, f3.5, ISO 400 with a 50mm f1.8 prime lens. The internal light is located at then centre, rear of the fridge. The raw image had its white balance adjusted in Lightroom and the exposure was increased to move it toward a hi-key look I couldn’t have got shooting this handheld.

Additional Lost Party Requirements – Lost Party Posters

I also love these Lost Party Posters created by Ty Mattson, they are something very different for the Lost world, but very symbolic. If you know Lost, these posters speak volumes.


I first read about them at another cool site by James White:


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